Combine Rustic and Modern Elements to Create a Perfect Bathroom

A lot of people wrongly believe that rustic and modern always have to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum, which is usually not the case. You see, the era in which some items belong to is not the most important thing. What matters more is that they can go well together and form […]

Bench with iron decoration

I created this bench with a wish to fuse wood and iron into a smooth, flat surface. The basic shape of the object remained as simple as possible, thus accentuating the iron accessory. Initial idea was iron accessory which was created in a forging technique inspired by art forgery of the past. After finishing the […]

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The bowl doesn’t follow strict and rigid standards of design. I transformed a round metal sheet into a shallow bowl and then I added two handles for holding or hanging. The handles are, just like the bowl, forged and kept rough. They are fixed onto the bowl with coarse rivets. The aim was to make […]


Table with copper plates

In the 17th century the Ottoman Empire was the height of its power. It included 32 provinces in the Middle East, southern Africa and south-eastern Europe, and numerous vassal states. The first attacks on the Slovenian ground happened in the 15th and 16th century. At the time Slovenia was a part of the Habsburg Monarchy, […]

Wooden pail

Wooden pail

Wooden pails accompanied people for many centuries. In the decades after World War Two wooden pails in Europe gave way to the plastic ones. In the past they probably didn’t raise special emotions; maybe only an occasional outburst of anger when people had to walk a long way to a well or a stream to […]


Lamp „Tulip blossom“

  As the name suggests the inspiration came from nature or, more precisely, from my back garden. I was attracted by the tulip because of its singularity, and maybe also because of its interesting history. In 1636 tulip bulb was the cause of stock market crash in the Netherlands. The flower was very popular in […]



WOOD I would have thought that it is really easy to buy wood in the country where I live. Forestation of Slovenia is 58 per cent, which makes it the third most forested country in Europe, right after Sweden and Finland. Forests make Slovenia even more beautiful. There is nature and fresh air everywhere you […]


Medieval chest

My medieval chest I like going to museums. The prehistoric period and the Early Middle Ages are particularly interesting to me because the artifacts of the time are rougher and each piece handmade. What attracts me the most are all the small irregularities and deviations that appear due to the procedures in the making. I […]

Smithy creative iron

Blacksmith tools in the past

Blacksmiths always had their own tools. They made most of the tools themselves, which was arranged in the workshop as best suited each blacksmith. In a traditional smithy, the two basic tools, along fire and anvil, were a hammer and a pair of tongs.                                                                                                                                         /Blacksmiths always had their own tools./ Every smithy was equipped […]