Blacksmith rivets in wrought iron furniture

rivets iron box decoration


Riveting is a process of joining several pieces of material and has been in use since the Bronze Age. Today it is still being used in civil engineering and machine manufacture where required. I try to avoid welding as much as possible. Instead I use rivets whenever feasible. Rivets make an item more interesting and enhance it in many ways. Used in a different context, they give an item the industrial look.

/Rivets make a wrought iron furniture and wrought iron decor more interesting and enhance it in many ways./

A blacksmith rivet is inserted in a hole and it has to fit into the hole as much as possible. Then the part of the rivet that stands out of the hole is hammered with great force. The rivet is deformed filling the hole within, thus connecting pieces of wrought iron or other material together. If rivets are bigger, they must be heated up first to the point of glowing red. Riveted pieces are difficult to pull apart. Riveted products bring back memories and often evoke feelings of nostalgia reminding us of old bridges, ships and machines. I believe that rivets compliment forged objects beautifully.

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