Medieval chest


My medieval chest I like going to museums. The prehistoric period and the Early Middle Ages are particularly interesting to me because the artifacts of the time are rougher and each piece handmade. What attracts me the most are all the small irregularities and deviations that appear due to the procedures in the making. I […]

Furniture (Article by Heather J. Paper)

copper top coffee table

The furniture that you choose for your home can serve as a starting point for your decorating scheme, providing a palette of favorite colors or the beginnings of a specific style. Or it can be inspired by a distinctive element that you alredy have- an Oriental rug found at an antiques store, a drop- lid […]

Guide to the artful home

living room with creative iron furniture

From the book The Artful home by Toni Sikes   A truly artful home nourishes our soul and satisfies our psyche. This life-size work in progress is a place of repose and stimulation, comfort and inspiration. Art lives on the wall above the sofa… as well as in the linen closet and under foot. The […]

Transience of modern furniture

  Iron home decor or wrought iron furniture lasts almost forever. The reason for this is in the material that is used; iron and solid wood, with some care and in a reasonably dry room, can last for centuries. Numerous items from the past that are still in a good condition prove it. The popularity […]