Guide to the artful home

living room with creative iron furniture

From the book The Artful home by Toni Sikes   A truly artful home nourishes our soul and satisfies our psyche. This life-size work in progress is a place of repose and stimulation, comfort and inspiration. Art lives on the wall above the sofa… as well as in the linen closet and under foot. The […]

The Artful home: Living with beautiful objects by Toni Sikes

Toni Sikes book The artful home image

Living with beautiful objects by Toni Sikes: Many of us seek out the unusual, the original,and the handmade. Objects made by artists are much more than eye candy; they speak to us and move us. They tell stories. We take them home, learn their stories by heart, and add our personal embellishments along the way. […]