Transience of modern furniture


Iron home decor or wrought iron furniture lasts almost forever. The reason for this is in the material that is used; iron and solid wood, with some care and in a reasonably dry room, can last for centuries. Numerous items from the past that are still in a good condition prove it.

The popularity of such items is everlasting as well. I believe a piece of furniture like this will preserve its charm for the generations to come. Time will only add to its appeal as it will become more and more enchanting in the next centuries.

In the past, furniture was very valuable and it was passed down from one generation to the next, usually as dowry. In this way many beautiful and precious furniture items have been preserved until today. Furniture of today, on the other hand, is mass produced and so it losses its value and quality. The advantage is that it’s easily accessible to anyone. It is so cheap that we’re able to replace it often – if we want to follow the latest trends or when we move. However, the downside is in the fact that there is less and less furniture to be kept and inherited which increases its value and allure.

Wrought iron coffee table

                    Horn coffee table