Wrought iron coffee table Zig zag

Iron Patio Furniture

I wanted to create an iron table that would be a simple, yet different, blacksmith work; something would stand out in a room. The corners of my Ram table have decorative elements. This gave me an idea of a simple embellishment at the sides between the legs of the table. First I tried with a single iron zigzag-bent bar ending at the legs, but then I changed it to a double zigzag ornament. I made a border with an iron bar at the bottom.

  /I wanted to create an iron table that would be a simple/

The result was a frame which I used for fixing the zigzag ornament. I cut the iron strips and used them as clamps at the corners, where the corners and the bars of the frame converge. This kind of binding is a technique of attaching or joining two wrought elements that has been used for centuries. It functions as an additional ornament on a wrought object. Oak wood which I used does not attract attention because it’s quite common and unobtrusive, and I think that’s all right. Oak wood can be replaced by any kind of beautiful and quality wood, such as cherry, pear, walnut or acacia. It might make the table even more attractive. I believe this wrought iron table is, due to its simplicity and classic ornaments, suitable for almost any kind of room or patio.


Iron Table Art Furniture

The wrought iron zigzag coffee table by creative iron


Igor Kanop, Creative iron