Wrought iron coffee table

When I was learning the craft of blacksmithing with a master blacksmith, we mostly made wrought iron fences. The blacksmith was a true master of the craft, an acknowledged and esteemed artist. All the pieces he created were handmade, and he rarely used welding machine. The joints were always made using the forge-welding technique or by riveting, so he only applied traditional forging techniques.


wrought iron coffee tables

/I stood there mesmerized, completely fascinated by the wrought iron coffee table./

One day a lady came to visit him. She wanted a bespoke piece of furniture. She had a magazine with her and she wanted a wrought iron coffee table she had seen in it. The master and I soon set to work. But first he asked me how an ornament that was in the photo was made. I started pondering, yet my ideas were going in the completely wrong direction. The master quickly described how an ornament is made and how to incorporate it into the finishing look of the coffee table. The coffee table was completed quite quickly. I can still remember the expression of satisfaction upon his face, a cigarette holder in his mouth as he was admiring the coffee table contemplating the idea that it would be possible to make living by making coffee tables like this one and sell them in shops.

/This wrought iron coffee table is still my inspiration/

I stood there mesmerized, completely fascinated by the coffee table. His words spurred my secret thoughts and wishes even more because I was considering this path myself too. Moments like this are my constant inspiration and encouragement.

Wrought iron coffee tables