Combine Rustic and Modern Elements to Create a Perfect Bathroom


A lot of people wrongly believe that rustic and modern always have to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum, which is usually not the case. You see, the era in which some items belong to is not the most important thing. What matters more is that they can go well together and form a visually pleasing, homogenous entity. So, here are a few ways in which these two styles can be combined to create a perfect bathroom design.


creative iron pendant light tulip

Lighting fixtures

The first matter you will have to deal with is the question of whether to go with modern or rustic lighting fixtures. Still, these two are far from being your only options. You see, pendant lights perfectly fit both of these styles, and it is even possible to have both modern and rustic present in the same fixture. With the so-called Edison-style chandelier, you can have a rustic modern chandelier in your own bathroom regardless of how ironic this classification may sound. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes you’ll simply need more light in your bathroom, which is why you should choose a fixture that is both powerful enough, and fits your overall design well.

Textures and fabrics

When it comes to textures and fabrics, again, you can combine, explore and play around with both of these styles. The most important item on this list is definitely a shower curtain, which can serve as the main rustic element in your bathroom. Here, you can go with painter’s drop cloth or even burlap fringe in order to create a completely unique look. Towels are another major element in your bathroom, and you can go either modern or classic with them. Here, the colour makes all the difference. Regardless of the style you decide to go for, keep in mind that white and cream are always good options.


Colourful towels


The materials used are the next major issue that needs to be addressed. In order to achieve the aforementioned effect is to combine the contemporary texture of stone with an antique beauty of wood. One way interior designers use to achieve this is by combining mesmerising stone bath tubs  with one of those amazing wooden bathroom vanities. Seeing how vanities usually have lighting fixtures of their own, you’ll have to revisit the issue of lighting in your bathroom once more and, again, try to establish balance. In other words, vanity light can serve as a functional fixture, while the ceiling light might be focused more on enhancing the ambience.




Finally, for those who have a tight budget, achieving this look is best done through combination of colours. The rustic style is defined by rough natural beauty, which is why the main colours of this style are the basic, plain ones. The aforementioned white and cream are a perfect example of how this works, but you can also focus on hues found in nature like bare wood or stone.

When it comes to wood, going with reclaimed pieces is both eco-friendly and thematic, which is what makes it ideal for this project. Surprisingly enough, the metallic glow of leather is mostly interpreted as a contemporary look, even though it also goes well with a rustic theme.  So, why not engage in some DIY projects with upcycled pieces to elevate the look of your bathroom?

As you can see, through an adequate combination of modern and rustic elements, you can easily turn your home into a cosy haven. Sure, some would argue against mixing these two styles, but at the end of the day, the overall impression one gets once they enter your home is all that matters, not the elements that make it possible. As long as you manage to honour this idea, feel free to mix up as many styles as you like.


Catherine is a passionate home design consultant from Melbourne. She loves making homes beautiful and buildings sustainable, but she also like sharing her advice and knowledge with people. That is why she is also a regular contributor to the Smoothdecorator blog. Besides all this, she loves reading and enjoys a superhero movie from time to time.


Catherine Collins