Iron industrial bench

industrial bench

industrial bench

How I designed iron industrial bench

I love the strong and raw look of old locomotives, the many rivets on railway bridges from the 19th century, and empty halls of old industrial buildings. The time of industrialization of the western world brought the typical look of the infrastructural structures and other buildings, such as industrial buildings, workers’ residential colonies, or water stations. New kinds of material like forged or cast iron, steel, and glass influenced the development of traditional architecture. Iron and steel were used for construction of arches for the first time. Later a visible iron skeleton began to appear. Understandably, this new kind of architecture was regarded upon with disapproval of the society. Industrial bench originates in the wrought home décor for terrace or patio. Its appearance resembles the oak support beams of the first industrial buildings, which were reinforced with wrought iron so they could carry more weight. At the same time it also protected the beams from physical damage and fire.

/I chose large rivets to enhance the industrial design of the Iron industrial bench./

I used tung oil as a protection coat on the wood, and I sprayed the iron parts allowing them to keep the light appearance of metal. I chose large rivets to enhance the industrial design of the bench. I enforced, but only ostensibly, the legs in the front and back with a riveted iron strip. This bench can also be made in combination with other types of wood.

Igor Kanop, Creative iron