I would have thought that it is really easy to buy wood in the country where I live. Forestation of Slovenia is 58 per cent, which makes it the third most forested country in Europe, right after Sweden and Finland. Forests make Slovenia even more beautiful. There is nature and fresh air everywhere you go.

However, the reality is different. When I started with my profession, I wanted visit a local carpenter to buy some wood but he was either never at home or not available on the phone. He was with his clients or working all the time. He was working on large projects and found it difficult to take time for my trifles. Additional issue presented wood itself. The carpenter had an unlimited supply of spruce wood. Other types of wood were not so easy to obtain. I found another carpenter who had more time for me and he taught me a lot about the secrets of working with wood. I thought I solved my problem of getting the wood. I was bitterly disappointed when I was told that it would be the best to acquire wood myself. I was searching for sawmills; most of the times they helped me, but not always. Spruce wood is the most common type of wood and it is very easy to get it. It is mostly used in construction, for heating and in furniture industry. Upon mentioning any other type of wood, like walnut, cherry, apple or maybe plum wood problems begin. Luckily I was able to find sellers that also stock these types of wood, but even with them I have to be careful as rare wood is not always available. They say that wood like this sells less and the supply may vary. I just can’t get enough of the feeling when I polish and oil wood, and to observe a piece of wood turning into a finished product. I think iron compliments wood and makes it even more attractive.


walnut wood slabs