About my work- iron and wood finishing

The iron that I use is suitable for forging but its structure is different from the iron that was used in the past.

I protect iron using a traditional method: beeswax is applied on the heated metal. It gives iron a dark mat appearance. The color is not even – it changes from one nuance to another. The protective coat is completely non-toxic. Some items are protected by a colorless mat polish spray and are also marked differently. The spray gives iron a metallic shine.

/Beeswax gives wrought iron furniture and iron decor a dark mat appearance./

I use local wood, mostly oak. Oak is a high-quality, hard and fairly light-colored type of wood. These qualities make it excellent in combination with dark shades of iron. Furthermore, because of its versatility it is easily combined with other types of wood. I also use walnut, cherry, apple, ash wood, and other quality hardwood. The wood is protected by tung oil, which enables it to breathe, and at the same time gives it a perfect protection against dampness and dirt.

The items can be cleaned with a moistened cloth. If the wood is exposed to water or dampness, tung oil should be reapplied every four or five years.