Wrought iron terrace chair

Unique Iron Garden Chair

My friends and I were sitting in a café and having a chat. Suddenly I looked towards the street from where the noise of afternoon traffic was coming. I caught sight of a billboard – an iron frame fixed in the ground and a board with a message stuck onto the framework with iron hardware.  And I said to myself this is exactly what I want to use for my next chair. I constructed a frame for the chair in my workshop and then I set upon forging the hardware. I based it on traditional shapes that have been in use since the Middle Ages, especially as iron hardware, such as hinges, latches, pulls or knobs, for wooden chests. Chests were the perfect place for storing family valuables, and in churches priest’s robes and other things used to be kept in them. Nowadays, this type of iron hardware can be seen on centuries-old wooden and iron doors in Europe’s historic towns and cities. My chair is constructed in such a way that the forged hardware holds the wood of the seat and the backrest. As a result, the chair is completed beautifully. Convex rivets probably give the appearance that the chair is not comfortable to sit on, but this is not true.

I might make a matching table in the future, using the same wood as with the chairs. It would be a fantastic garden or patio set.

wrought iron terrace chair